Final Project Proposal

My final project proposal entails creating a 3D model that is to scale, that accurately represents the University of Waterloo`s  early infrastructure during its inaugural season in 1958. The university of Waterloo is celebrating 60 years of innovation and education, making this project relevant and makes the information needed to complete it, readily accessible. (Check links below)  The basic informational foundations can be found on the University of Waterloo website. The more intrinsic information about the university buildings will need to be accessed from the University of Waterloo archives located in the Dana Porter Library.

In making a 3D model of the university in its early years, we can conceptualize the university on a medium that could not support this type of representation in the past due to limited technology. I hope to create a very authentic representation that is only limited by ones ability to walk through and physically touch the model. Perhaps as VR technology advances, that could in fact become a reality, to wit, my project could be the ground work for that future VR representation.

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