My name is Donald Smith and I am in my 20’s living in South Central…. Ontario, Canada. After spending the majority of my life in school I have aspired towards something that requires absolutely no scholarly education whatsoever; Comedy. I came upon this conclusion when I discovered the typical lifestyles and mannerisms of comedians and compared them to myself. I strictly avoid any participation in the working class, I make sure I sleep in and go to bed late watching late night TV, I have spent more time watching and studying TV and film that choosing another endeavor would be like relearning how to walk. This is especially ironic considering I could watch TV before I could walk. So for me it would be like relearning how to watch TV. I’m too good at it now, there is no turning back. Also I am addicted to several things not deemed healthy by food and drug standards, but my justification is: so is everyone. Bacon. Coffee. Done. In addition I find a great deal of satisfaction in finding the humor (humour) in anything or anyone that may cross my view. Given this, perhaps the only thing I am missing, is an audience.